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As a Leading IT Firm in Nigeria that has passion for helping people to have an online presence, we engage in designing websites that are mobile-friendly. This means that the websites we design resizes automatically, based on user's device screen resolution.

Responsive (Mobile-friendly) Website Designing

Responsive Web Design

We provide affordable and reliable web designing, website redesigning and maintenance services. You can specify how you want every aspect of your website to look like, or simply let our seasoned web designers perform their magic based on prior discussions with you. All our website designs are customized to suit your individual needs, taste and feel.

At FlamyTech, we pride ourselves in designing highly-responsive websites. This means that your website will authomatically resize, based on device screen resolution. So, we design mobile-friendly websites that fit well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. All the websites we design automatically resized, based on the screen resolution of the user's device.

Website Redesigning

Website Redesign

If you already have a site but feel it's in need of updating from either a graphical or content perspective, we're here to provide this service for you. If your website has a good functionality but looks dull, here is the right place to come to beautify it. Websites that are two years old are most likely in need of updating. We can help you by designing a fresh new look and update the content so that it better reflects your business today. Many site owners give their sites fresh new looks every now and then.

Website Maintenance & Management Services

Website Maintenance Service Provider

We do not only design websites for clients and abandon them; we also offer to manage their websites for them on daily basis. To enhance your profitability, we can monitor and maintain your site on daily basis, if you don’t know how to do it or just too busy with the daily hassles of your business. This helps our clients to concentrate on their core businesses and let FlamyTech Web Developer take care the time-consuming and technical task of managing their websites.

Cross-Browser Compatible Web Design

Cross-browser Compatible Web Design

We design websites that are compatible with all major web browsers, including, but not limited to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Maxthon Cloud Browser, Microsoft Edge and mobile browsers like Opera Mini.

Standards Compliant

Websites are created using markup languages like HTML5, XML and CSS3 and these languages come with technical specifications. FlamyTech Web Developer makes use of the current versions of these markup languages to create websites that validate, and hence, standards compliant. This means that our coding technique conforms with all web standards. You don't need to worry about browser compatibility either, as we make sure that every web page is compatible with every major browser. During our web design phase, we optimize every web page for search engines. This entails that search engines will not have any issues crawling, indexing and ranking your web pages.

Web Design Pricing: The pricing is negotiable, depending on a couple of factors like the features and functionality you want the website to have and the amount of work that would be required.

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